Titulo de empleo: Compliance Manager
Tipo de Empleo: Permanente
Tipo de vacío: Full-time
Industria: Seguros
Localización: Roma
Empleo publicado: 30-07-2019
Identificador del Empleo: 32095

Descripción del Empleo

Under the supervision of the Head of Strategic Risk Advisory Service, the professional will be the main person responsible for everything related to the develop and oversee control systems to prevent or deal with violations of legal guidelines and internal system. This Compliance will be carrying out the following tasks:
➢ Initiate and implement performance reviews, contract compliance reviews.
➢ Offer project management on contract compliance services and internal control reviews.
➢ Communicate with clients to manage expectations, lead change efforts and ensure satisfaction.
➢ Initiate to gather data, analyze, interpret and formulate conclusions and suggestions.
➢ Develop solutions for complex client situations to meet goals and objectives.
➢ Develop work plans and coordinate daily fieldwork and project team efforts.
➢ Handle data analysis, interpretation and process design interviews for clients.
➢ Monitor client expectation scope on generated results’ delivery.
➢ Measure project progress, client benefits and budget expectation achievement through proprietary tracking tools.
➢ Handle proposals and business development calls with partners and senior managers.
➢ Manage, develop and mentor staff to assess engagement performance and year-end reviews.
➢ Confirm to professional standards and strict client confidentiality.
➢ Leader consulting and client personnel to determine, quantify, execute and measure improvement initiatives.