Titulo de empleo: Area Manager
Tipo de Empleo: Permanente
Tipo de vacío: Full-time
Industria: Investigación y Ciencia
Localización: Madrid
Empleo publicado: 24-01-2020
Identificador del Empleo: 32137

Descripción del Empleo

Based in Madrid and as part of an excellency driven company, focused on distributing results of several R&D projects from the engineering field, the professional selected for the AREA MANAGER role will be responsible for:

  • Developing and strengthening relationships within the sub-saharan area.
  • Pitching potential companies or institutions that could benefit from the company's projects.
  • Researching the area in search of new expansion opportunities.
  • Representing the company in a wide range of scenarios (clients, provideers, political institutions, researchers and so on).


For this role, we are looking for professionals that fit the following profile:

  • At least 5 years of experience within the sub-saharan area, carrying on responsabilites as the described above.
  • Proficient command of English.
  • Proficient command of French.